donderdag 29 september 2011

Let the testing continue!

In June we tested 52 participants, which was our minimum. The overall results showed evidence for the null hypothesis, albeit it was not very compelling. We believe that if we test at least 48 more participants (bringing it to a total of 100) our results will be clear enough to draw strong conclusions regarding the competing hypotheses. Therefore we will continue our research this semester. As stated above our goal is to test at least 100 participants (as Bem tested 100 participants in his experiment).We will monitor the Bayes factor as the participants come in and stop whenever the result is clear enough.

The experiment will of course be exactly the same as last semester. Participants will first fill out a questionnaire, then watch a relaxing video and finally perform the actual task on a computer. Due to a randomization issue, our first 52 participants were not yoked, but each received a completely randomized sequence. For purposes of uniformity, we will continue the fully randomized sequence for the new participants.

We also want to attach a paper we have written over the interim results. It is in Dutch.

Interim results (in Dutch)

maandag 20 juni 2011

First Week of Testing is Over

After our first week of testing we managed to test 43 participants.

Due to the possibility of monitoring the incoming data "on the fly" when using Bayesian methods, we are going to
present our first analyses soon.

donderdag 9 juni 2011

We Start Testing

Finaly we can start testing. The following link contains our detailed descriptions of our planned procedure and analyses.

The PDF can be found here

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Confirmatory Research Part 2

After our first blog has been deleted, here the second one.

We are planning on replicating Daryl Bems first experiment from his paper Feeling the Future (2011)
Since the major critique on Bem was that he used exploratory research and sold it as confirmatory research, we are going to make a point by publicly announcing our methods before we start testing and therefore ruling out the possibility of changing our opinion according to the data.

Testing is supposed to start today, 08.06.2011. Before the first person is going to be tested our methods will be posted online. Stay tuned :)